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My card blocked and i tryed to activited and it want let me said i have to send a picture ID to get my card unblocked so please call me 936-221-4445 are u can email me at latundrasanders36@gmail.com my name is LaTundra Michelle Sanders DOB Feb.16,1979 {{REDACTED}} so yall have my information i needed my card unblocked my inxome tax coming this card that blocked

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Had to pay a damn $30 process fee but finally got my card unlocked. Thank God Go here https://cardsolutions.services Hope this helps


U have to email a photo of the front and back of your ID to verifymydocs@greendot.com..they say it's 2 business days...but u better call them and if u r trying to.use ur card number to et to a live person it will not work...u must put in a few keep number or use a friend's not mber JUST TO SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON...GOOD LUCK..GREEN DOT CUSTOMER SERVICE BLOOOWS

to Trish #1543172

Same problem here! As for my family, once I get all my mony they are holding hostage, i will be shopping at Target, Kroger's and JC Penney's from now on!


I got a deposit on my green dot card but my card blocked what do I do312-451-2557 This is my number and my name Brian


Hi my name is Michael goodger I have my state income tax on my green dot card it's blocked and don't have and I.d I need to get this fixed a.s.a.p 401-442-1558


I just purchased a GreenDot card at Walmart. I put my weekly check amount on card and it’s blocked today!

I purchased yesterday and today blocked and can not use any of my money!!! GreenDot your company is pathetic!!! Ripping people off!!! This is one customer that will track whoever is responsible for this to the end of the earth!!!!!

Every number you call or website is BS!!!! You have made a very big mistake GreenDot!!!

to Tim #1492868

Also my number is 606/594/0248! If anyone from GreenDot cares to contact me!! I’m sure you’re probably out spending your money while mine is in the world somewhere!!!!


Why is my card blocked, I just activated it


Call me at (828)735-3122


My card is blocked for my tax refund. I have tried to send a photo ID but can't find your website to process it.

I need that info asap. Give me a call at (828)735-3122 please


Green dot blocked my card I have over several hundreds of dollars on my account and i need my money if not I will sue u my number is 334-235-7477 Aisha good or u can email at aishagoodson2628@Gmail.com


I just tired this everyday for a week now I've got nothing done pertaining to my account and trying to talk to a real person on the phone 9854148534 is my phone number please feel free to call anytime


So yesterday I purchase a GreenDot card and upload $200 dollers and Now I'm having trouble with trying to pay my gas bill it will not allow the gas company to take my payment from my greedom card what Do I need to do

to Kimberly #1484316

Its horrible! Green Dot has done a lot of fraudulent things!


My money has been on my card then they block it outta the blue and I was living,eating off this card now I'm starving and sent them valid ID 2 days ago,no change bout to be evicted.#whyyalldomethisway

to JOHN PUTNAM #1510451

What was the outcome?


i have recieved my card my taxes should be already on the card it's been over a month i have waited for it now it has a freaking block on my card and i went to every webside and called every number card still freaking blocked


Green Dot manages these cards. It’s disgusting to do this to customers.

Send out blocked cards.

Took me forever to get any info from turbo intuit or Santa Barbara groups . I got so sick of it I went to Green Dot on Twitter and started to blast them and they unblocked my card finally

to RJA #1554841

Oh my God this happened to me but they would not unblock my card what did you say to get it unlocked did you have to upload a picture ID I need my money too it's my only way to survive I hate GreenDot!!


To all of you i no it makes you mad when you find out that your inturt turbo tax prepaid card visa is blocked well here is what you do go too https://secure.greendot.com it will tell you how too upload the doucment you need too send to green dot as you may no it still will take 2 business day but you will get the document too them green dot as needed

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