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My card blocked and i tryed to activited and it want let me said i have to send a picture ID to get my card unblocked so please call me {{redacted}} are u can email me at latundrasanders36@gmail.com my name is LaTundra Michelle Sanders DOB Feb.16,1979 {{REDACTED}} so yall have my information i needed my card unblocked my inxome tax coming this card that blocked

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Corporation Prepaid Card.

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My account was locked for over two weeks. I sent so many documents to their email, I continued to get the runaround and the date kept being pushed back. I asked to speak with the investigation team I was told they don't have a contact number I had to go through the customer service. By the grace of GOD I came across this number online.

I called told the gentleman my story and within 10 minutes it was unblocked. Prior to this I requested a call from the investigation team, they called me within 2 business days, by then my issue was resolved but he apologized and gave me their number and ext if there were any further issues. I am truly grateful and thankful that someone shared this number with me and I want to share it with you all. They are opened M-F I believe from 9-6.

I'm not sure of their locations and the time zone. I pray that everyone has success with this. It's extremely frustrating to work and have money but has no access and keep getting the run-around. This was my first issue with them.

God Bless!! I hope this helps someone.


They block my card with my sons social security I’m hes payee talking about it’s fraud how the heck if it’s coming from the treasury they are garbage

to ScantChinook #1673958

Call 1-866-652-4611 ext 3690. This is the investigations teams number. God Bless!!


My card is blocked they never send me new card with the money on it from the card that was lost and blocked.


I had the wrong zipcode on my tax forms and I had to send info about my ID front and back and a copy of a bill with my name and address on it. I still haven't heard anything about the email I had sent in. What should I do

to Jeremy Roberson #1673954

Call 1-866-652-4611 ext 3690. This is the investigation teams number.

I spoke with them and my account was unblocked within about 10 minutes.

Let them know that you have sent everything in and nobody is helping you. God Bless!


This is a scam I can't use my card for no damn reason. We all need to sue this company for fraud


Why the *** is my God damn account blocked ? I sold two items to a man and he gave me two money pak cards wity two hundred dollars on each .now man is complaining threatening me telling me he is going 5o report i scammed him so he could get his money back. My god damn income tax is going tobe deposited onto my cars i need it unblockedvnow


What ended up.happening? Cause now mine is blocked and i know my money is in there. How long did it take to unblock?


My Card is blocked with a refund advance on it is there any way I can get my money off.?


Does anyone know if you can go to an atm and get the remaining money if your card has been blocked

to Shantal #1639504

Do you know why they blocked your account ? were you able to submit the documents?

to WateryPoodle #1639839

Been trying to change address but can't upload documents . Can't get no one to answer phone

to Barbara #1649892

Hey guys we got the card unblocked I went on Facebook green dot support posted a comment and then they inboxed me about 15 mins later saying they removed the block.

to Barbara #1659759

Has it been figured out yet ? Please let me know if not I’m filing a lawsuit


Same here they blocked my card right after i got my first direct deposit. I m about to lose my electric and have car repod since i cant pay bill....

Beyond pissed.. can't get ahold of anyone at greendot to even find out what documentation they want just a recording saying your card is still blocked.

to JG #1638627

here is the number i call them *** on8664436669 they are full of ***


Trying to unblock my card and it wont let me

to Anonymous #1673956

Call 1-866-652-4611 ext 3690, this is the investigations team number. God Bless!!


Just got my card blocked I need it in blocked. Bills due never told it was gonna get blocked better resolve this. Websites are nothing but a run around

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