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At the beginning of the year I done two money Paks trying to load them to my card, one was for $60 the other was $100 and since they failed to load on my card for Lord knowa why. I had to do refunds on both of them where I sent copies of the receipts and pictures of the moneypaks.

On January 23, I get a email back from Green Dot saying I see that you were able to do a refund. Wait 10 business days for your refund. Then on the 23rd I get another email from gd about my other refund saying wait two weeks for your refund ( I still have the emails, pictures, moneypaks and the receipts, plus names of whom I spoken to and they just lied to me they never sent my refunds and here it is June. I tried calling them several times but apparently I'm blocked from calling them cause I can't get through on my phone but I had my husband call from his phone and it goes right through.

That's money that don't belong to them and they want to keep people's money like that and don't give them any explanation of any sort. That's straight up *** I want my money also I just wrote them a letter telling them I got every email, every phone call and whom I spoken to whom all lied to me. I don't know what else to do about this but get an attorney on it to get my money back plus more for the waiting the lies etc.

Something needs to be done obviously. Pissed off at puny assgreen dot that has to steal customers money from them

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