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I called green dot corporate Feb 29 to check on the status and the lady said that their investigation concluded that I had given the information on the card to someone and that person was then able to register it and use it.Possibly when I placed the order on Amazon.

I said and "what date was that on?" She said "On Feb. 12." I said "That's incorrect because I placed the order on Feb. 22 and that was the first time I had ever used it!" She said "The results of our investigation are final, sorry." I said " The investigation was wrong and then asked for the name of the person who registered the card". Since I supposedly gave the information to someone I know, then giving me the name shouldn't be a secret.

She refused and I asked "why are you protecting the criminals identity? This is why they do it!

You should be displaying and flagging their name everywhere as a public service.We can't catch them if you let them hide behind you." She said I could " File a police report and try to find them that way."                             

Original review posted by user Feb 26, 2016

After loading a brand new unopened greendot card with $500, I drove home and started to register it online.I started to fill out step one and before I could finish the screen changed and said the card was registered.

How could this be? I had not entered my name, address, or social security number yet. I can't access the card because now it's asking me for the info that i never gave it. I got ahold of a lady in customer service on the phone using my other green dot card otherwise you'll be stuck in the automated loop to nowhere.

I read the new card number to her and gave her my name " Robinson ". She said that the card was registered, but not to that name. Then she called me Mr. Smith and corrected herself.

She couldn't tell me anything about the funds so, I said " If you were the criminal who registered the card wouldn't you take the money out as fast as you can? Because that's what they did isn't it? I wouldn't expect any money to be left on it right? She said "yes" and she apologized and called me Mr.

Smith again and corrected herself. I'm thinking to myself, Mr. Smith? Are you fn serious?

Talk about a red flag? Anyway she gave me a claim number and I have since submitted the documents requested for the investigation.

How is it possible that my card got registered and the money gone before I even got home?The card clearly states on the back invalid unless signed, yeah right!

This reviewer shared experience about "loaded brand new card and it became registered to someone else before i got home with it still unopened." and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $500. The author is overall dissatisfied with Green Dot Corporation and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about green dot corporation prepaid card from Green Dot Corporation was learning my 500 dollars vanished from a brands new unopened card Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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O Fallon, Illinois, United States #1215038


Have you had any progress with this issue this has just happened to me, I am in the process of submitting a law suit.

to Anonymous #1411129

Yes do it

to Anonymous #1412797

I went to the police station and waited for an hour until I was finally able to meet with an officer.I walked to a small room inside the station and sat down at a table.

I told him what transpired and he said there was literally nothing the police could do. Then I told him how I had contacted every tv news station in the area about it and hopefully they would be showing up at my house to air an interview about it. He immediately became concerned that I might say his department was completely useless and not able to do ***. He started repeating after the fact " If there's anything he can do to help?

Anything else?Are you sure?" lol really?

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